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The International Hat Guild ™(IHG) is a global collective of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about Headwear . Founded by a group of passionate Hatters, the group includes retail (brick-and-mortar), manufacturers, stylists, designers, fashion editors, writers, journalists, fashion related bloggers, curators, researchers, historians and librarians of Millinery history.

IHG is also a place for the general public to explore many aspects of millinery fashion.

Brands, Milliners and Retail Stores will have an avenue to global exposure, recognition and opportunities.

Special Retail promotions and discounts for ILH Members

IHG Digital Directory

IHG corporate & trade members will have access to our private Member Only forums and newsletters.

(Trends, Trade Show Scoop, The Catwalk, Special Events )

Exposure from IHG cross-promoted social media, such as instagram and twitter as well as on our own IHG blog.

IHG trade members will be featured in the hatter, the brand, the artist and the player spotlight on hat-life.com

IHG members will be featured in the instagram of the day

Discounted trade supplies

IHG members will have placement/advertising/promotion opportunities on hat-life.com  

IHG members throughout the year will be able to participate in 

The web site is our meeting place, a chance to share our passion with each other and the world.......


IHG (hat-life.com) is a very active site. We are looking for your participation..

Whether you are wanting to promote a new line, an event, a discount to members or to the general public IHG will constantly be evolving and updating.

​We are in the planning stage of various Design Contest and Special Events -Stay Tuned...

We also know we have only just begun to reach the surface of listing  Hat Companies, Milliners, Suppliers, Bloggers etc..... We are updating daily but if you do not see your listing please email us.

This is a global site that encompasses the whole spectrum of Headwear and not just a  select few.

email: ihg@hat-life.com

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